The Love Connection

Welcome to TLC - The Love Connection

We are a "family"  of Light Beings, whose desire is to bring LOVE and LIGHT to the world!!  We want this to be a SAFE, happy, fun place to visit. We will help you to discover much about yourself, in a positive and enlightening manner.  
Our team of mentors includes:  

Fred Greaves 
Tiffany Keefer
Intuitive Healer
Nicole Frolick
Speaker & Author

We will be hosting a  weekly 90-minute show, that presents a different topic for each show.
See "Talk Show" button, for dates, times etc.  After the presentation,  callers will be welcome to call in with their questions or comments. 

  1. Tiffany Keefer
  2. Tiffany Keefer
  3. Nicole Frolick

Fred Greaves
My name is Fred Greaves and in 2012 my Twin Flame who “passed” in 1981 began to awaken me from the other side of the veil, and we began our mission of building a bridge with our love, between the 5th and the 3rd dimensions. We have reunited hundreds of couples since the launch in November 2015 of our website

The love and magic between Twins is unlike anything in the Universe and something that needs to be felt because there are just no words that can describe it. You must be whole inside and love yourself as well as the higher self of your Twin first before you can give your love to another. They then will guide you to your perfect match in 3D. This is all the turmoil on the planet in personal relationships and the reason why they rarely work. Many confuse Twin Flames with Soul Mates, they are very different and a definition of that difference can be found in the "Meet Your Twin" section. Since my Twin and I have built that bridge between the 5th and 3rd dimensions, many couples are reuniting and they are coming from both sides. Once word got out "upstairs" about the "Project" and the bridge, many have pushed their loved ones to contact me. 
   If you are not in need of a Twin re-connection at this time, Fred is more than capable of putting you in touch with relatives,  or friends who have passed on. Even higher beings that are here, to so lovingly guide us. Just visit the same link, and follow the instructions there.

Message from Fred:

“When I was in my morning meditation (quiet) time, talking to my Twin Lucina/Sheryl an idea came over me. I know so much, because she has taught me for years now, that I can easily relay that info to people on a one on one basis. We have a relationship that any 3D couple may have and more, because we have the ability to connect on a soul level. We have contact now 24/7  (she literally joined with me in March of 2015), so why not offer personal sessions, so others can enjoy the same?” Please see the website above, and click on the "Meet Your Twin" button for details.

Tiffany Keefer

Tiffany Lynette Keefer is a natural born intuitive healer of all emotional mental and spiritual diseases, a RNA light activator, and does DNA reconstruction.

She has been intuitively guided to many people formal over the world. These gifts showed up as a child, and they were reawakened through her spiritual journey in her adult years. She is equipped with all the telepathic capabilities to read and scan the blood cells tissues and organs within the body, and she communicates telepathically with energies of all natures.

Tiffany has completed a course in Spiritual Counseling, and also went through a course in life coaching and been through the journey to clear her of all her own past residual energies. She is a clear Pure Love vessel the Light Surfer to Ignite, and activate the body within the mind, and connect the heart at your soul Cellular level. She is a human spiritual engineer in Mind Body Soul equipping you with a foundation to build from. Tiffany also has a background of Civil ,and Structural engineering and construction. 
Nicole Frolick

Nicole Frolick is an international expert on Flexibility and the author of Inflexible Me : Expanding Past the Inflexible Boundaries of the Body, Mind, and Soul. Utilizing her Four Fundamentals of Flexibility, Nicole shares with her audiences the importance of flexibility in accessing the greatest potential of individuals and companies. Learning how to shift the internal world to create the desired external world, flexibility teaches those how to cultivate growth, creativity, innovation, and positive corporate culture. This empowers individuals and companies to move beyond their current limitations, accessing their true limitless potential.

Through her personal journey, Nicole has discovered that flexibility is expansion. It is the willingness to expand our perception to all possibilities. When we can do this we create more space by removing current boundaries or blocks and allow for new insights, ideas, and creativity to flow in. One of the most creative and effective ways that Nicole has expanded her mind is through her technique of Free-Flow Imagination in her meditation practice. This technique brings the 5D heartmind into the forefront allowing you to access your true co-creator potential in this 3D world.

The Host: Julie Joy

Julie is a professional harpist and Reiki practitioner but her true passion is HORSE RESCUE! While waiting for her Twin Flame to reveal himself, Julie keeps busy taking care of her own three horses, doing Yoga, meditation, and going to the gym.